490141_blogAre you afraid to break out of your comfort zone and take a risk?

Check out this link and rest assured that you don’t have to jump off a cliff or do wing suit base jumping in order to take a risk and expand  your comfort zone.  On the other hand, maybe doing something that’s out of the ordinary, feels like taking a leap to possible death.  I know that when my friend joined Toastmasters, he said he’d rather jump out of an airplane than speak in front of a group of people.

Most of us have comfort zones, and some of us are more willing than others to break out of those comfort zones.  We enjoy our security, and often lack self esteem to take a risk.  Our limiting beliefs prevent us from growing or moving forward.  But just take a step.  Martin Luther King has said, “Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Would you feel more courageous if you had more knowledge about the first step?

Then try three things:

  1. Decide how you want to expand your boundaries.
  2. Prepare and research to gain some necessary information, if that makes you feel better.
  3. Find a friend, life coach or dream team mastermind group, who believes in you and will be your cheerleader when you fall down, or make it to the next step.

Then take the first step, and then the next!

Even with these  three points, in order to grow, and expand beyond our comfort zone, it’s very possible we will experience fear of the unknown and have to face the unknown.  If we have to know the experience and the outcome before we make a move, we will probably stay in our cozy spot. Growth comes from moving and taking a risk, then adjusting as we climb the staircase.

There is great value in reaching for the stars, but there is value in choosing to climb a step before climbing Mt. McKinley.

How do you take risks?  Can you share ideas with us by clicking on ‘comments’.

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