IMG_1058.JPGHappy New Year.

May you be filled with inspiration and take action to manifest your dreams in 2009. Let’s focus on what we want and not what we’re upset about. Here’s a fun exercise I use in my workshops:


I suggest that you go through each step at least 4 times per week. Store all entries in the same notebook or file folder, and keep it handy at all times.

1. What would you like to be different in your life? Write 4 or more areas of your life where you would like to see change. Please write about you, not about someone else needing to change in some way.

2.Circle one item in this list that you’d like to focus on.

3.Blue Sky List. Focus on what you want. If you could have anything out of the clear blue sky, what would you welcome in your life regarding this challenge? Free write, brainstorm and let your imagination be set free. Describe exactly what you would love to have happen, even if it seems impossible today.

You might start your sentences with: “I welcome,” “I choose,” “I’ve decided.” Refrain from using “I want.”

These expressions are better than the traditional affirmations that asserted that something was already true when it wasn’t. An example of affirmation might be, “My business is thriving,” when we know that it is currently in the red.This type of statement can keep our beliefs and desires at odds with each other. It can generate doubt and resistance, when we want to feel expansion.

4. Gratitude. Write about ANYTHING you are grateful for. Feeling grateful is one of the magical parts of the Manifestation Exercise. It opens the door for more opportunities, insights, synchronicities, and creativity to come to you. (5 minutes)

5. Option Dialogue. Write out an Option Method Dialogue , including questions and answers. Start with the priority item you chose in Step #2, but don’t put any limits on where you end up. Or use a process that helps you uncover, explore and change your limiting beliefs.

6. Option Session. Do an exploration using the Option Method Dialogue– out loud with a partner, if possible. Again, explore the area you selected in Step #2. Start with the feelings you have right now, regardless of how you felt when you first selected this area. (1 hour.)

7. Record successes, synchronicities, and support each evening. It’s very important to note both large and small successes. (5 minutes.) If you wait for days, or you don’t write your successes, you may not realize your progress. We tend to acknowledge the everyday small moments of fulfillments of our desires.

Please let me know by posting the results you are getting. Join me in manifesting a world of happiness and possibilities.
My friend, Dena, sent me this quote tonight by Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams,”The most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy.”

Let’s revolutionize our new year and the world.

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