IMG_4830-1.JPGFeeling the holiday blues?

Visit friends and family (that uplift you), or just step outside and breathe in some fresh air (even if it’s as cold as it is today) and take a walk (even just around the block). This is one simple step that will awaken your seratonin level and sizzle your level of happiness! In this first photo, my arms outspread, hiking in Boulder, Colorado with light coming up over the mountain trail and filling the sky. I felt blessed in the mountainous pine forest, but only after I saw the photo did I notice the angel filling the afternoon sky. My friend, Bob Meyer, is standing behind me. He and his wife, Helena, are avid hikers and owners of a natural skin care company, the Helena Meyer Company in Boulder. Fabulous skincare.

I visited my daughter, Grace, and had a blast hiking and then eating at incredible restaurants to replenish ourselves after working so hard on our climbs. She’s a social media expert doing business development for a Boulder-based search marketing company, Lijit which offers statistics on your blog to increase page views and revenues. If you’re blogging, you might try their widget. It’s free. Tara and Jacqueline work hard with Grace as part of the marketing and business development team. Fun and creative powerhouses!

A few other friends I visited in Boulder include Russ and Millie Malloy and their boys, and Heather Squires and daughter, Lauren in photo. Heather used to babysit my daughter 20 years ago, and now Grace babysits for Heather’s daughter!

Loved my time in Boulder, and when not hiking or eating, I worked on my laptop at one of the zillions of coffee shops downtown. Enjoy…




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