IMG_4778.JPGI just attended a Ladies Who Launch Event in Boulder at Common Threads with my daughter (@gracekboyle)whom I’m visiting this week. As a lone entrepreneur, I long for the opportunity to connect and network with other women in business and creative projects. I think it’s crucial. I do meet on the phone with a mastermind group of women from around the country, and I am so grateful for their support and inspiration.

The Ladies Who Launch group is so fantastic because you connect in person with a community of like-minded women who help give more exposure to their products or services, through marketing and distribution opportunities.

This group is about women helping women. At this event, there were four dynamic women who presented their expertise about marketing, branding and social media.

To recap, Victoria Keziah, Founder and Principal at Egg Strategy, encouraged us to find a brand that paid attention to the tension between two opposites, like Whole Foods synthesized the little health food store with bulk items, and the big grocery stores like Safeway.

Tara Anderson, (@tarable) is the energetic Marketing Manager for Lijit, a hot new Social Media Company in Boulder. She had lots of ideas but the top two for me were: 1.) We all should be blogging two to three times per week to connect worldwide. One reason is that bloggers get noticed by search engines more rapidly. 2.) Start a twitter account, which is micro-blogging, another useful tool to reach out to more people.

Melani Ward gets people to act with a simple phrase. We could all take her home with us. Here are her Top Five Tips to Improve Copy:

  1. Understand your target market. Picture one person, even giving her/him a name.
  2. Know audience’s hot buttons. What keeps them up at night? It’s probably not finding their life’s purpose, but how can they pay their bills.
  3. Leave your ego out of it. (Your audience wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” WIIFM)
  4. Call to action. For example, on your business card, print an offer, like offering a free report or teleclass. Point it out to each individual you hand your card to.
  5. Tell your story. People want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Elaine Ellis (@Elaniac) is account executive at Metzgar Associates Public Relations firm, and she brilliantly shared public relations wisdom. One free tip that allows users to create and share a social media news release for free is Pitch Engine.

You can become a member for online Free Social Network or for more in depth knowledge with a fee, join a local community for the Incubator Program.

Happy Marketing!

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