2567854_blogAren’t we lucky to be alive during this unique time in America?

An election year (almost 2 years really) where a woman and an African-American were 2 of the presidential candidates. Even with this progress, our country is seeing such challenges that it’s important for all of us to become more conscious, wake up, and vote! I’ve noticed many friends, clients, and even myself getting nervous about the election.

Expressions such as ” I feel I have no control” or “We’re in such a mess, we’ll never recover” have come up often. I thought I’d take this last chance to share 3 simple tips on how we can enhance our happiness quotient in the next few days.

1. VOTE: This will make us happier because by making the effort to take action and speak our minds (in the voting booth) will empower us to contribute to what we believe will help our country.

2. VOLUNTEER to make calls or help at the polling booths.

3. WATCH The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central to see the humor in politics, while simultaneously catching up on the news of the day and watching fascinating interviews. I am always surprised when people tell me that they aren’t voting because they don’t believe it matters. On the other hand, I am also inspired when I witness thousands of individuals standing in lines for 8 hours because they know it does! I also wonder if they are trying to be discouraged from voting!

How about you? Do you have suggestions for staying happy during these last 2 days of the election (and beyond)?

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