slide_606_12532_largeIsn’t it time to transcend politics and unite for the common good? I’ve heard that many individuals who voted for Senator John McCain are unhappy. I thought I would be also if Barack had lost. However, it is time to move out of the darkness and unhappiness and really go beyond the beliefs that we think we have to feel bad. I really know I didn’t have to feel bad. I was just planning my own unhappiness! Sometimes we project into the future and predict our own unhappiness. I propose we predict our possible happiness, even if our candidate loses!

Barack is about transcendence on many levels. This is a time for the future, the new millennium. Due to Barack’s age (and so many other traits), he has a vision that’s not invested in the way things have always been done. He can transcend the ‘way it’s always been done’ to stretch the possibilities.

Obama has transcended communication through his use of the new social media like blogs and the internet.
He’s transcended voter predictions as 68% of new voters, 66% of Latinos, 78% of Jewish votes went to Obama.

His campaign and his presidency will transcend complacency, fear and hatred. What could make us unhappy about that?

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