IMG_4660.JPGOne of my passions is protecting our environment.

Although the task seems too huge for one person to make a dent in the enormity of the problem, I know that each footprint matters. I feel happier just knowing that in each moment I really can affect global warming. For more inspiration, please see what these sites have to say: A Green Cross and Forced Green Blog.

3 Simple Steps to take:

1.) Plant a tree. World forests produce 40% of the earth’s oxygen. We can each do our part by planting trees in our own towns in addition to protecting the Amazon Rainforest to prevent deforestation.

2.) Drive fuel efficient cars, walk or bike more. The United States is the highest fossil fuel, CO2, emitting country in the World, with 1.59 billion cubic tons of carbon released into the atmosphere in 2002.
National carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita – Maps and Graphics at UNEP/GRID-Arendal

3.) Use phosphate-free laundry and dish soaps. If each of us did our part, we could impact our polluted waterways. It’s easy to find biodegradable products such as Seventh Generation or Shaklee Products.

What are you doing each day to go green? We’ll be happier and so will Mother Earth!

Photo: I took on the grounds of Brown University in Providence, RI 2008

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