2570731_blog3 Reasons to celebrate global warming are that it forces us to wake up, be creative, and to respect our resources.

I’m happy that global warming is waking us up, because many of us stay in a trance unless there is a crisis situation. We have just had it so good for so long, that we’ve forgotten to take care of our planet. When our economy, food and water supplies are threatened, we wake up a little and try to change.

Change is not easy for many of us, but if solutions are clearly promoted, we can each take a step forward. I’d like to see more sites like this ‘how to’ site and the ‘mindful site’ with step-by-step ideas about what we all can do to decrease our carbon footprint.

In an editorial published on Sunday in the New York Times, Al Gore stated that “to build this kind of national commitment, we need to clearly expose the “common thread” that connects three of our nation’s major challenges — the economy, national security, and the climate crisis.
This common thread is our dependence on dirty coal and foreign oil. The bold steps that are needed to solve the climate crisis are exactly the same steps that ought to be taken in order to solve the economic crisis and the energy security crisis.” He projects that we can achieve 100% clean electricity within ten years.In Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, November 16, he warned us that when gas prices are high, many of us start to conserve fuel, but then the gas prices drop and we go into a “trance”, thinking all is well, but that is part of the addiction. We forget the seriousness and necessity of not being dependent on foreign oil, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint.

To view more of Obama’s interview click:

What solutions do you have for global warming? Any favorite blogs or websites?

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