Books such as Think and Grow Rich and As A Man Thinketh have been around for many years.

By reading these books and others, many of us have learned that our thoughts have powerful affects on us. Thoughts will always flow through our minds, but we don’t have to believe everything we think. We can choose the ones to believe.

This isn’t ‘new age jargon’.

In Dr. Norman Doidge’s new book, The Brain That Changes Itself, you will find how he bridges the gap between science and self-help in his varied case studies of brain plasticity. Dr. Doidge was also featured on PBS’s The Brain Fitness Program

We learn that our thoughts can switch our genes on and off, altering our brain anatomy. I have been working with my own beliefs and those of clients for over 17 years, and I have repeatedly seen that a belief, such as “I’m not worthy” can be changed by exploring the validity of that reality. Thinking, learning and acting can turn our genes on or off, so it actually re-shapes our brain anatomy and our behavior. We live in a scientific world, so I’m always excited to find that the experiences I have on a heart level with my clients, are confirmed scientifically.

Have you found changes in your thoughts affecting your behavior? Stay tuned for more blog entries on brain plasticity.

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