14741654_mDon’t get me wrong. I loved ‘The Secret’ movie, but so many of my clients tell me, “I’m working on the law of attraction information I learned in the movie, but nothing appears to be happening.”

Let me ask you 2 questions.

Would you like to know the missing step?

The truth is, we must uncover and resolve any hidden or obvious limiting beliefs FIRST, so the frequencies of our desires are in alignment with the frequencies of our beliefs (thinking).

You see, I’m all about asking for what we want. Just the first step is remove the dams we’ve built between Source and our desires.

2nd question: How can changing limiting beliefs about love open the door to greater love between you and your partner or even having love in your life at all?

The need to resolve limiting beliefs

Think about it, you ask for your ideal partner but simultaneously you believe that things don’t come easily for you, or you’re not worthy of love, or not really ready to be open to love. Push/pull, yes/no — mixed messages… It’s no wonder it’s not showing up.

When you have limiting beliefs about love, love is not possible.

For example, a client recently shared with me that she wants to attract a partner that’s just right for her, however, she believes, ‘I have bad luck, if it hasn’t happened by now, it never will’, I’m too old for love.’

If you are already in a relationship and desire more from it, do you hear the beliefs that might block you from manifesting more of what you want? ‘Passion dies in a relationship after a few years,’ ‘there’s nothing new to learn about my partner.’

For example, a client of mine told me that she loves her husband but feels reluctant to express her feelings because “he doesn’t really listen, he’s too critical, and we don’t have much in common anymore.”

If you’re not clear in your heart and soul, your intention is not going to be clear either.

Begin by asking yourself — what is my intention? Oftentimes, we think our intention is clear, but it’s so tangled in the maze of limiting beliefs that swirl around inside us that there is no real clarity.

When I ask some of my clients what their intention is, invariably they share their intentions mixed with fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs without even knowing that they have them. That’s where my expertise comes into play. I hear the belief and hone in on all those things that prevent you from having what you really want. It’s the law of attraction finely tuned.

When you dialogue about your beliefs, you become more resourceful, seeing other options or possibilities. The more clear you become, and the more you love yourself, the more you see opportunities for greater love all around you.

People are being awakened all over the world to the realization that what you believe affects life in an extraordinary way.

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