231598_blogIt’s Earth Day and my birthday!!

I walked in the woods around the lake in my neighborhood this morning with my binoculars and notebook in my backpack. The good thing about living in Iowa is that after a cold winter, Spring is so appreciated! Every year on my birthday, I write all of my wishes for the year. One of my wishes today is that you join me to save and celebrate our planet, Even if you don’t believe in global warming.

I’m so proud that I share my special day with the Earth. There are so many simple things you can do to protect planet Earth’s natural resources. Try these two ideas:

  1. Avoid excess packaging, buy in bulk when you can and look for beverages in refillable bottles.
  2. Re-use or carry your own grocery bags to the market. Decline a grocery sack when you can carry the items by hand.

Check out:

Do you have any ideas that you’ve been using to go green?

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