There is an incredible need in our lives to find time for silence because the constant noise and activities in our modern lives steer us away from our true center. This past week I’ve been reading one of Sue Monk Kidd’s inspiring books, Firstlight: The Early Inspirational Writings. It’s filled with snippets of her contemplative musings on many subjects including family, faith, and solitude and spiritual awakening. I like the fact that she clearly shows that in every life there are defining moments even in the midst of noise when our hearts begin to open. With a routine of quiet breaks, these moments are more enhanced.

This break from noise and chaos allows us to hear the still small voice of God, “the spark of God within.”

Find time to be quiet in our homes or out in nature. A walk in the woods, or sitting quietly by a lake or stream, or just sitting under a tree can refresh us and bring us to your center more quickly than we can imagine.

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