LenoraJan+ShoppingMy life’s work has been focused on helping myself and others to be happier and live an authentic life. I focus on unraveling limiting beliefs, but also on following our heart’s desires. As often as I can I follow my heart’s desire to adventure to places like India. My friend and I are taking in the sites and sounds at the market in New Delhi, India.

We laughed a lot on that trip!

In addition to just feeling relaxed and at peace when we laugh, laughter can enhance our health and boost our immune system.

My daughter sent this article to me from Times Online.

Author Sacha Bonsor shares: “I think we are going to learn that exposing yourself to humour will not only change mood and stress hormones but also influence serotonin levels, which are involved in the pain control system,” says Zeltzer. “That would mean that laughter could have an effect on chronic pain over time and enhance immunoreactivity, as well as helping with depression and sleep and anxiety disorders.”

Dr Berk’s tests have also found that laughter increases a type of immune cell called natural killer, or NK, cells, which go after virally infected and tumour cells.

This is really an easy and inexpensive method for all of us to stay healthy. What makes you laugh or at least smile?

Make a list!

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