I noticed in Gretchen Rubin’s impressive blog, The Happiness Project that she recommended boosting your happiness by keeping a list of “Things I’ve Learned So Far” or “Secrets of Adulthood” or “Notes to Self” or whatever.

I personally keep a 3-ring binder by my bed with several lists divided by tabs. One is a Gratitude List: “What I’m grateful for”
This is a significant way to enhance your happiness because you can’t be unhappy when you are being grateful. Add small events such as birds singing and snow softly falling, in addition to the extraordinary moments like graduating from college, or giving birth to a child.

The truth is, your lists can have an impact on yourself and others just as much as any ‘expert’s’ list can. Make a list of your top 10 ways to be happy & increase your happiness quotient. You can read more details about my top 10 List that I wrote a couple years ago in an article

  1. Don’t expect perfection from yourself or anyone else.
  2. Accept. Stop judging.
  3. Stay in the present.
  4. Be grateful.
  5. Decide to be happy.
  6. Be self-empowered.
  7. Choose how you feel.
  8. Examine your beliefs.
  9. Expand your options.
  10. Create what you desire.

Feel free to view another list from UK researchers published in BBC

Their happiness list includes:

  • Nurturing a plant
  • Having a good laugh at least once a day
  • Getting physical exercise at least 3 times a week

Make a List of your own top 10 ways to be happy and share with us. It’s fun and heart expanding to actually write your own words of wisdom.

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