Last week I posted information about countries that were voted ‘most happy.’

This week I’d like to open the discussion to travel. Feel free to share your travel experiences and surprises. Where in the world have you been the happiest? My friend, Jenica, is a cultural enthusiast and has created a wonderful blog called, Experiences of a Cultural Immersion Enthusiast. Most recently her featured travels were to the Middle East, a few months ago. You can see how the Western culture is seeping into other lands (for better or worse).

So many times we have preconceived notions about a culture and its people. I think that is exactly why travel is the most extraordinary way to open our eyes and dissolve our judgments.

What are your travel surprises?

Jenica with the Wadi-Rum desert behind her, in Petra, Jordan.
For more information about Jenica’s Middle Eastern travels as a woman visit her blog here.

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