Tu+Hang+glidingThis is the view my adventurous nephew had from his hang glider in Salvadore, South America before the instructor yelled at him to keep both hands tied to the instructor’s side.

We suffer because we believe we have no other options. Often our perspective on life is set in stone, but happiness is always an option.
Sometimes it’s challenging to be happy–mostly because on some level, we believe we need to be unhappy if things aren’t going our way. If we could just choose to be happy, why don’t we just do that? Basically, because we are complicated creatures. Somehow there’s a payoff in being unhappy. We get more attention, or we don’t have to be too responsible are just a few reasons.

You can change your limiting beliefs that clog your perspective on life by uncovering and questioning them.

You can also make it a practice, like actor Jim Carrey, to choose to be happy. The other day on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jim Carrey shared an Aha about happiness when he told Oprah that he realized, “I can have happiness if I choose to have it now.”

Just think, you don’t even have to hang glide to be happy and change your perspective!

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