Here we are already 3 weeks into the new year!

I hope all of you have started on the right foot, whatever that may be. Yesterday, after yoga class, I drove an hour to spend the day watching my son and other high school students compete in Speech Competition. It was a joyous sight to see hundreds of teens singing, doing mime, or performing one act plays. I also loved the sign I saw taped to a blackboard in one of the classrooms: “No matter how far you go down the wrong road, you can always turn back.” It made me laugh because on the drive there, I had to turn around several times, only to end up re-tracing my steps, because I thought I was lost out in the middle of nowhere in Iowa.

As my friend Jana, sings “I’m not lost, I’m just exploring.”

I know in my coaching work, some people don’t believe they can turn back if they took a path that now seems ‘wrong.’ In reality, we must lose our fear of being wrong. We make mistakes even though we make choices every day in the best way we can. But was it really a mistake? I like to think we often have to learn by trial and error. Each day can be a new beginning.

After the speech competition (my son is moving on to the next level), my husband and I went to a nearby Italian restaurant with friends. I’m always humbled when I think of the joy in the simple pleasures of tasty food and delightful conversation. Nothing can replace that. On the way home, I saw a wild turkey, an owl and a herd of about 25 deer in the cornfields. It’s not the Caribbean, but I was fulfilled. What simple pleasures will you enjoy in this fantastic year of 2008?

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