family_caucusFor the first time in my 31 years of living in Iowa, earlier this month I participated in the Iowa Caucus, the first state to hold one for this presidential election. My husband and two children joined me. It turns out that in the past about 10% of the voters in Iowa turned out for this, but in 2008, 25% ventured out into the freezing January night to cast their votes.

I felt like I had a voice in an old fashioned town hall-like meeting, to publicly vote for my candidate. As a special bonus, for several weeks before the caucus, I was able to see many of the candidates and their spouses, as they traveled to hundreds of rural towns. I don’t know for sure that I can make a difference, but I like to believe I can.

What really struck me was the power of speech, and the hope of transformation. Since my life’s work is about transforming beliefs, I’m excited to see that this year’s election theme is focused on change and transformation. It gives me hope anyway.

It makes me happy. I’m beginning to write in my happiness journal 3 things I’m happy about every day. I’m adding that to my written list of daily gratitudes. What makes you happy or gives you hope?


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