11613786_mThe #2 Relationship Myth: I’m not worthy/deserving of love…

I’m not worthy of love… Some of you say this aloud, others think it, and many carry this hidden belief in their unconscious thoughts.

Like a spider web, crisscrossing back and forth, stickiness connecting the past with the future, on and on… Making a web from childhood to adulthood, we build our case.

“…If I were worthy, I’d be in a loving relationship… My relationship doesn’t meet my expectations, so I’m not deserving of love. I have to settle…”

This unworthiness often extends to feelings about having friends. “If I was worthy of having more friends, I would have them…”

It’s so insidious that just about all of my clients and students have expressed some variation on this theme to different extremes. During this month when Valentine’s Day is celebrated, this issue tends to come to the forefront.

What does deserving have to do with love? Start from where you are. What do you believe about love, relationships? What thoughts limit you? What thoughts make you uneasy or unhappy in some way? Write it down.

Why would someone else be deserving of love but you’re not? Does it really have to do with deserving at all?


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