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“Discover 3 Powerful Keys for Breaking Free From Conflicting Emotions and Limiting Beliefs!” is an interactive class, so you will not just be listening to a lecture. This call will introduce you to a fresh approach for changing your beliefs to change your life!

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In this free introductory TeleClass You Will Learn HOW:

  • Acceptance promotes transformation
  • Desire can be a motivating force for the expansion of happiness
  • To be happy no matter what
  • To discover hidden, limiting beliefs

Until the limiting beliefs are changed, progress will be hindered in your career and personal life. If you’d like to release yourself from being the victim of circumstances, you’ll enjoy this class. If you believe anything other than you are an amazing human being capable of greatness, join us to discover 3 powerful keys for breaking free from conflicting emotions and limiting beliefs.

Question your way to happiness! I have been helping people to be happier using the Option Method for the last 16 years, by asking questions, that have transformed the lives of thousands of people over the last 35 years. Through my seminars, private coaching practice and teleclasses, I specialize in going to the root of the problem–the limiting belief or past conditioning.

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