38898458_sAt one time or another most of us find ourselves stuck in some kind of holding pattern that we have to get out of in order to move forward with our lives.

Judy literally had to get “un-stuck” in order to begin her first session.

On the way to my office, she walked right into my newly cemented driveway and sank below her ankles in thick gray slush. For some reason, the contractor had removed the caution tape even though he assured me he’d leave it up.

When I looked outside she was desperately hosing down her feet while my husband was letting off steam about the ruined driveway.

I knew it was a metaphor for getting unstuck from the limiting beliefs that she was about to explore and dissolve.

That morning, I had read another story about getting “unstuck” concerning a humpback whale that had become badly snared in hundreds of feet of ropes holding crab pots in the San Francisco Bay. The only way to save her was for divers to swim below and cut away the entangled lines.

One slap of the tail could have killed any of the rescuers, but they went ahead anyway.

When she was free the divers said she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then approached each diver and gently nudged him in gratitude. Some of the rescuers said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives and has changed them forever.

Getting untangled from limiting beliefs is the first step to freedom.

And whether you’re entangled in ropes, cement or limited thinking, there is always a way out.

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