19915633_mA few weeks ago I was watching Oprah and it got me thinking about one of my favorite subjects: empowerment.

Along with a guest psychologist, Oprah challenged women to ask themselves two important questions that would help them to become more powerful in their lives:

  1. How can I let go of my negative messages from the past?
  2. What is the one thing that is missing in my life?

Although I don’t believe in labeling anything as positive or negative when it comes to experiences in life, I do believe that events from the past can create limitations in our thinking that hinder our ability to fulfill our potential. In other words, they reduce our sense of power.

What is empowerment?

I believe empowerment essentially is the result of self-education.

By gaining more knowledge of ourselves we create more choices and opportunities in life, so that we can access more freedom and possibilities.

The Option Method is a simple yet powerful series of questions used to uncover, untangle and resolve any feelings and pre-conditioned notions (limiting beliefs) that set up roadblocks to your success and happiness.

When you change limiting beliefs, you open yourself to more options and choices. Freedom comes from having more choices. By realizing you are not a victim of your circumstances, you become more self-aware in your behavior instead of just reacting from old patterns of thinking and being. You are educating yourself about what is true and what is not true in your life.

One of my clients is a very successful woman, has done very well financially, owns a beautiful home, has many friends, and seems to have it all together, but she still doubts her abilities and successes. So often, it’s not the outer experiences that convince us we are okay, but the inner stories we live by. We think if we just had the right relationship or the ideal career, then we would believe we were valuable.

When will she stop doubting herself? What criteria does she think needs to be met?

Ask yourself, “When will I stop doubting myself?”

Mental messages from the past, even though they seem to be “true,” can actually blind you to the real truth of the present and keep you bogged down in limitations and feelings of fear, frustration, and other conflicting emotions.

What you “believe” to be true profoundly affects every decision you make and therefore has a huge impact on your life.

Option Method questions help you resolve personal conflicts often created in the past. Resolution creates empowerment. Once you find that a belief or past perception of reality is no longer true, it starts to dissolve and, along with it, the unwelcome emotions. The result is greater freedom and creativity, and the ability to take action based on your own self-empowerment.

You become more of who you truly are and that is a very powerful feeling.

I’ve just returned from teaching a women’s empowerment weekend in Michigan. I always feel blessed to be in the presence of women who are willing to move through their fears and past conditioning. Women who choose to live their truth in a more courageous way, on the home front or in their workplace.

This month, ask yourself, “In what areas would I like to be more empowered?” What might concern me if I were more empowered?

What’s between you and your sweet life?

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