industrialpieceWould you like to be happier than you already are?

Would you like to do what you love to do instead of doing what pleases others? Would you like to remove the hidden blocks that are preventing you from creating more success and happiness in your life? I truly believe that you can be in charge of your own destiny.

And your destiny lies in what you believe. In other words, you can change your destiny by changing your beliefs.

The Option Method

The work I’ve done since 1990 consists of a simple yet powerful system of questions called The Option Method. This technique can help you dissolve limiting beliefs or past conditioning, and remove painful thoughts and emotions that cause stress in your personal and professional life.

Using these questions is like being handed a key to freedom from unhappiness in any form – frustration, confusion, fear, guilt, self-doubt, or whatever unwelcome feelings you may have. The result is enhanced creativity and well-being.

You simply answer a series of questions that have been time-tested for over 30 years.

The Option Method was created by the late Bruce Di Marsico. I studied this methodology with his student, Mandy Evans, author of Emotional Options and Travelling Free.

Before learning to do the Option Method dialogue, I would often feel emotional discomfort, confusion, and disappointment. I am now living from a completely different level of happiness, and with a set of tools to alleviate discomfort when it arises.

My intention for this article and website is to offer you tools and inspiration so that each of you can be who you truly are. No matter where you are now, each moment can offer a fresh start – emotional freedom from circumstances, past conditioning, and your own belief system.

I offer you the beautiful, subtle system called the Option Method, which helps you uncover and dissolve (often hidden) self-defeating beliefs. As self-defeating beliefs melt away, you have the space and freedom to begin to create a life from your true desires.

In Joy…

What’s between you and your sweet life?

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