38975230_mThe National Polling Agency, Knever B. Wright, Announces the Country’s 10 Most Common Self-Defeating Beliefs

O.K., we never took a poll.

But in my experience as an Option Method Coach for the past 16 years these are some of the most frequent self-defeating beliefs I have encountered.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  1. I don’t deserve love or happiness.
  2. If I’m happy, I’ll lose my drive to change things, or to achieve.
  3. I should be farther along (more successful) than I am.
  4. If I don’t get unhappy when others are, it means I don’t care.
  5. I can’t be happy if I don’t have what I want.
  6. If I am too hopeful or confident, I’ll just be disappointed.
  7. If I don’t feel guilty, I’ll do it again.
  8. I’m not good enough.
  9. If I don’t get upset about the way others act, they’ll never change.
  10. If I’m not worried/concerned, then I’m not being responsible.

If any of these statements ring true for you, it may be time to take your destiny into your own hands by dissolving the beliefs that sabotage your success and happiness.

What is a belief?

It is a perception of reality, or something you were told that you had no reason to doubt. How do you know that you have a self-defeating belief? If you are feeling some way you don’t like feeling, you are probably believing something that’s not true.

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